Green Apple NYC
What's new at your market?
Farmers markets are one of our life lines to healthy eating. They often supply us with local produce, many of which are organic, the opportunity to directly connect with local farmers, and the ability to support their business without the middleman. 

Currently in New York City, there are over one hundred green markets in the tri-state area. This project was an effort to create a platform where users can learn more about those providing the food (the farmers and artisans) and make visiting a market more convenient by offering information that would be relevant to them before their next trip.
UX / UI Design
Wireframing & prototyping for mobile and desktop screens
Adobe XD / Figma
Project Type
Concept project for Google UX Design course
Grasping the Issues
I performed interviews with individuals who range in age and gender, those who frequent farmers markets and those who do not. I wanted to find out what they found most valuable about these markets and if there were any reason why they did or did not visit these markets.
What people value most
1. Ability to interact with vendors/farmers/artisans to learn about produce and items sold
2. Produce that are fresh, seasonal and unique
3. The upbeat environment to meet others and socialize
Main pain points
1. Markets not offering enough variety in one location or running out of desired items by end of day
2. Outdoor markets can be affected by weather and not all are open year round
3. Not as convenient as local supermarkets that can be found every few blocks
4. Sometimes some farmers markets are pricier than supermarkets
For me right now as a senior, one of the biggest thing I would want to know is the price. Can I afford this, is it cheaper where I’m going. That’s number one. And I would want to know if it’s a lot fresher than the supermarket. 
The venders were so welcoming, inviting, always something that would spark your attention
I'd like to know what's in season, so you can time a product
Our Users
Layla Atan
Pre-k teacher
Midwood, NY
Age: 46
Married, one child
Pain Points
  • Don't know where grocery food is coming from
  • Farmers markets can be out of the way
  • Organic food can be pricey
  • Nutritious food
  • Information on where food is coming from
  • Ability to know prices and sales
Antonia Myers
Data Analyst
Valley Stream, NY
Age: 37
Family: Single
Pain Points
  • Busy schedule with limited time to shop
  • Limited items at Farmers markets
  • A way to pre-order
  • To know what items are being sold at the market each week
  • To know key information to avoid unnecessary trips: available vendors/hours/price
Finding the Solution
How can we motivate more people to visit our farmers markets?
Ideas that came from sketching

1. Detailed information about each vendor/farm that includes:
a. Photos of farm and their members to put faces to the business
b. Video of farmers and artisans
c. Summary of their history
d. How they care for their produce
e. Basic info such as location and contact

2. Information about unique produce and how it's used
a. Nutrition info
b. Recipes

3. Ability to search Green markets including distance, hours and location

4. Notifications for sales and see item prices
Addressing the Issues
1. Issue: Desired items not available or runs out by end of day

Possible solution
a. Pre-order options for those who are busy and can't visit at a certain time

2. Issue: Outdoor markets can be affected by weather

Possible solution
a. Option to be notified of updates including closings and hours of favorite markets

3. Issue: Not as convenient as local supermarkets

Possible solution
Create incentives to make visiting markets a worthwhile trip

a. Leverage what people love about farmers markets:
- Allow users to get to know farmers and offer detailed information about the people behind the farm
- Let users know where the food is coming from and provide information on how each farm takes care of their products
- List availability of unique produce not offered in supermarkets
- Share details about these unique produce and how to use them

4. Issue: Sometimes markets feel pricier than supermarkets

Possible solution
a. List items offered in these markets with prices
b. Option to receive sales notifications
c. Ability to use SNAP benefits to pre-order

Summary of Features

1. Pre-order option

2. Notification option for important information such as sales, new items and hours of operation

3. Detailed vender/farm information:
a. Includes photos of farms and workers
b. History behind the farm
c. How they treat their products

4. List of markets and vendors in the markets

5. List of items and prices that are available at each market

6. Detailed information about nutrition of each produce and food items that are being sold.

7. How to prepare and cook with each food item including recipes

8. Grocery list for those on the go (only available in the app)
Competitive Audit
The Goal of the Audit

1. To see how competitors make it easy for users to access local farm fresh foods

2. To see if there are any platforms that gather all NYC farmers market information

3. If so, what type of information do they present about farmers markets

1. GrowNYC website gives information on NYC green markets. They previously had an app which is no longer available. Their website provides a lot of information on each market but it is difficult to navigate and a bit overwhelming.

2. I found that some companies make farm fresh produce available by bringing pre-ordered produce to specific locations for pick up. Others offer delivery options and pre-order options that can be picked up at the markets.

3. Some competitors offer limited information about their farms. None of the websites or apps shared stories, photos or videos about the farm that puts a face behind the vendors.

4. The visual design for some of the apps and websites made the experience feel more serious and lacked excitement or enjoyability.
Competitive audit chart
Whats Good
Fellow Farmer
Misfits Market
Pre-order Option
Market Notifications
List of Items and Prices
Detailed Farm Info
Farmers Market Search
Ease of Use
Great Use of Visual Design
Building Process
How Layla uses this app on the go
Opens app and types her location in the search
Search results show automatically with list of markets
Chooses a market to see details and vendors available this week
Picks a vendor/farm to see details about them. Clicks "This week's items" button to see what they will be selling
This week's items listed with prices with option for pre-order (only for some vendor/farms)
How Antonia uses the website
to see what's at the market this week
High-fidelity Designs
Color Palette and Typography
Colors were chosen by thinking about colors of produce;
colors that represent vegetables, fruits and soil.
I also wanted the colors to be bright to evoke optimism, excitement and friendliness to make it feel like a positive experience.

The typography is Poppins for a friendly, modern and simple look
Color Palette

Primary color for most backgrounds

Used for main navigation

Inspired by grocery bag color

Accent 1
Used for buttons and subheadings

Bright, natural, friendly

Accent 2
Used for important notifications, buttons for adding items to cart and adding pop color to illustrations

Bright, upbeat, alerting

Used for backgrounds for screens such as grocery list and favorites

Calming, natural, balancing the bold colors

Used for buttons, background for overlays

Reminder of the ground, soil
Mobile Type Scale
Poppins 46px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.25px
Poppins 32px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.25px
Poppins 24px
Regular / Letter spacing 0
Poppins 20px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.15px
Poppins 16px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.15px
Body 1
Poppins 16px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.5px
Body 2
Poppins regular 14px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.25px
Desktop Type Scale
Poppins 64px
Regular / Letter spacing -0.6px
Poppins 58px
Regular / Letter spacing -0.5px
Poppins 46px
Regular / Letter spacing 0
Poppins 32px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.25px
Subtitle 1
Poppins 24px
Bold / Letter spacing 0px
Subtitle 2
Poppins 18px
Regular / Letter spacing 0px
Body 1
Poppins 20px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.15px
Body 2
Poppins 16px
Regular / Letter spacing 0.5px
Usability Studies
Users had trouble using the following:

1. Users thought "list" meant list of markets instead of grocery list
2. Users did not realize that market lists could be pulled up and scrolled to see more of the list on the home screen
3. Users had a hard time finding the button for "this week's items"
4. Request for sort by distance for market list
5. Request for counter to know how many items were added to cart

1. Users did not realize that the pre-order screen was only for pre-order and not delivery
2. Did not know that there were more content under the fold in the vendor info screen
3. The list of vendors in a market could use more detail. ex. what type of item they sell "fruits," "vegetables" etc.
Adjusting the Design:
App Screens
I performed usability studies with individuals ages 30 to late 60s of varying race and gender.
The following are some of the main issues that needed to be addressed.
Users did not realize that the market list can be
pulled upwards to see more.
I made the bottom tray pull up halfway with
the words "Pull up list of markets:
Users did not realize that the button above
the video leads to the list of weekly items
I made the button bright green and added an
icon to make it the most noticeable element
on the screen
Users thought that "List" meant a
list of markets instead of grocery list
I changed the word to "grocery" with an icon
that indicates a check list.
User wanted to know how many items
are added to cart when clicking "add"
Added a counter so customers can decide
how many items they want
Adjusting the Design:
Because the vendor list was right below the fold, users did not always expect that there were more information below.
They also did not know exactly what type of items/farm/vendor were available just by looking at their names and images.
I stretched the bottom section background higher and placed the title "Vendors available this week" just above the fold so it indicates to users that there are other contents below.
I also added short descriptions of the types of items each vendor sells at the market.
There were similar issues with the pre-order page. Users did not always expect that there were more content below the fold.

Users also did not realize that this was only for pre-order and not delivery.
I once again placed the title "This week's produce" peaking over the fold so users can see that there are more content below.

I also increased the font size of the words "pre-order & in market" so users can see that this is a page that shows only pre-order or in market options.

Similarly, I highlighted the words "nutrition info" and "recipes" to make them stand out better.
Final Work: App Design
(click button to the right to skip to website features)
Web Design
Find Markets
I decided to display a map on the home screen as the overarching purpose of the app is to find local green markets. For the same reason, the search bar is located at the top for users to find easily.

1. Once user searches for a location, the app brings up a list of markets. During the usability study, users did not realize that the bottom tray could be pulled up manually so I decided to allow the tray to slide in automatically

2. The market list will provide basic information such as days and hours of operation, location and cancelations

3. Markets can be sorted by "distance" or "open now"
Explore Markets
Each market will have a list of available vendors and basic information such as the following:

1. Market map- layout of market

2. Address, days and hours of operation

3. Ability to save the green market as a favorite to receive notifications about sales and events at that market
Weekly items
Each vendor will present "This week's items." For those that offer pre-order options there will be a button to add the item into the cart

1. List of items sold by categories such as "produce" or "dairy"

2. Items listed in horizontal scroll to save space

3. "Add" buttons in bright green to make them easy to notice

4. If a user wants to know more about the farm, they can click the "About Us" button
About Us
Detailed information on each vendor/farm so users can get to know local farmers and their practices

1. Video and Photographs about the farm and the people who work at the farm

2. "Our story," talks about the farm's history and background  

3. Information about their practices

4. Contact info of farm
1. Ability to create a list of favorite markets and vendors when heart button is clicked on market or vendor/farm screen

2. See updates on what is new at your favorite places
Be notified of new items, events and sales

1. Give users notifications on sales and events; hoping to generate a excitement by showing variety of activities happening at their favorite locations
Grocery list feature on the app for those on the go.
Final Work: Website
(click button to the right for app features)
App design
Home Page
Introduction to what Green Apple NYC is about and benefits of using the site

1. Search bar placed above the fold for primary purpose of finding markets

2. Facts about green markets and their importance right below the fold so that users can quickly learn the "why" of this platform

3. What users can do with Green Apple app and website are explained on the home page

4. Users will also have the ability to download app version
Explore Markets
1. Find days and hours of operation

2. Reference upcoming event list

3. Access market map

4. Check list of vendors for the week
1. Get to know each farm with detailed information including video and photos of the market

2. "Our story" section for farm history and farm practices

3. List of available produce at each market

4. Ability to pre-order from markets that offer the service
Nutrition & recipes
1. See nutrition information about produce- helpful for those who are not familiar with unique items

2. Recipe suggestions