Hello! My name is Tomomi.
Here are a few extra things about me.
Photo of designer
My Journey
I taught preschool for many years because of my love for children. But I've always had a passion for design and finally decided it was time to make a career change a few years ago. I went on a journey to learn new skills, from graphic design, frontend development, visual design, and UI/UX. I'm constantly looking to learn more. I'm excited about this journey. I've met lots of amazing people a long the way who have inspired me. Every new meeting is like finding a gem. I look forward to learning about you as well.
My Skills
UI Design - UX Design - Figma - Adobe XD - Illustrator - Photoshop - Wireframing - Prototyping - Mockups - HTML - CSS - GitHub - Responsive Web - Webflow
What I'm learning currently
More UI design principles and After Effects animation
My Loves
On my free time you can find me cooking, practicing piano, sewing, biking or spending time with best friends. Oh, and checking out different cuisines. I am a big foodie.