Gift Mate
Meaningful Gift Giving Made Easy.
Gift Mate is a smart gift assistant that makes you an effective giver; keeping you on track of important events and generating only the most relevant gift suggestions that are fitting and meaningful to the one you are celebrating.
UX/UI Designer
user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, branding
Concept project for Google UX Design Course

Users find themselves stressed and uninspired when it comes to gift giving; they want to be able to quickly and efficiently find gifts that are memorable. I wanted to grasp what it means to find the “right” gift and design a product that helps givers come up with gift suggestions and ideas that would help them express their affections effectively. Because meaningful giving wasn't limited to physical items, I utilized love languages and recipient interests to achieve gift suggestions that resonate for each recipient.

What are Love Languages?
Love languages are the way in which individuals experience and interpret love through 5 different expressions. The following are the 5 love languages.
Words of Affirmation
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Quality Time
Physical Touch
For more detail on love languages, visit the official site at
Grasping the Problem
User interviews and surveys were conducted with participants ranging from ages 20s to 70s, with various occupations, races and gender.
3 Pain Points
1. People struggled with knowing what to gift a person (especially if the person "has everything")

2. People had trouble remembering events early enough to plan ahead

3. Staying on budget
Design Principles
What makes a "good" gift?

1. Thoughtfulness: Defined as when someone puts effort into doing something for you or if they remembered details about you and show that they were listening and being attentive towards you

2. Sacrificial: When someone gives up something of value

3. Heartfelt: It does not have to be expensive or be a physical item, it can be as simple as a letter or a card, as long as it is sincerely felt from the heart
Hear from the Users
Justine Richmond
High School
Jersey City
Pain Points
  • Trouble remembering Events
  • Difficulty planning ahead
  • Continual reminders
  • Chronological list of events
Kristal Cho
Pain Points
  • Finding the right gift
  • Gift search takes time
  • Staying on Budget
  • Customized Gift Suggestions
  • Gift history
  • Budget chart
Finding the Solution
From listening to these responses, it seemed that the following features would be most useful to this app:
Design Requirements
1. For those who have trouble knowing what to gift a person
a. Personalized gift suggestions
b. A way to remember a recipient's interests
c. Consider love languages to make giving more meaningful where showing affection is not limited to giving physical items
d. Gift history log

2. For those who have trouble remembering events
a. A way to create reminders

3. Staying in budget
a. Gift giving budget screen
The Competitive Audit
I performed a competitive audit of 6 apps which included both direct and indirect competitors. I compared the different value propositions, initial impressions, user flows and the effectiveness of the visual design of each app.
1. I noticed a trend that many of these apps connected to and relied on Amazon for gift suggestions. There wasn’t a variety of stores to select from.

2. Love language is not considered in any of these apps. Gift giving is mostly limited to giving a person physical items.
Crazy 8s
Additional features that came out of this exercise:

1. A button that takes both interests and love language to generate gift ideas

2. A section where users can submit and share creative ideas how they've celebrated people
Kristal's steps to find gift suggestions.


Home Screen
List of people and their important dates. Top of the screen highlights an upcoming event.


Recipient Details
Screen for each person to input information such as love languages, interests, gift history and budget.


Love Language Selection
Definition of each love language and ability to select love language of recipient


Gift Suggestions
List of gifts show up after inputting love language and/or interests and clicking "gift suggestion" button on recipient screen
Usability Studies
I conducted two usability studies. One for the digital wireframe and one for the high fidelity prototype.

I observed 5 participants:
3 females, 2 males, ages 30 - 75, varying socio-economic status and races.
Two of the participants had temporary visual impairments.
Adjusting the Design
Results of the usability study
Some users did not understand the plus function so I added a few onboarding screens to guide users in creating the new recipient.
Users overlooked the gift suggestion button so I made sure to make that button stand out by allowing it to be in its own section. I designed the section with a bright background color with patterns to make it pop.

Users also felt there was too much scrolling on the recipient profiles in the wireframe. I removed the note taking section because it had a similar function as the interest section.
Users did not want to scroll through many birthday years and I learned that it is not optimal to use calendars for dates that are far behind. I used an input picker instead.
Users did not know that they were allowed to add more than one interest to this prompt. I added a short explanation that users can add as many interests as they like.
Design Systems
Color Palette
Colors were chosen to be bright, upbeat and positive to evoke celebration, fun and excitement.
The sage green is modest and balances the vibrancy and warm colors.
Type Scale
I chose Quicksand for its friendly, fun vibe.
Quicksand 35px
Letter Spacing 0.25px
Quicksand 24px
Quicksand 20px
Letter Spacing 0.15px
Quicksand 16px
Letter Spacing 0.15px
Body 1
Quicksand 16px Regular
Letter Spacing 0.15px
Body 2
Quicksand 14px
Letter Spacing 0.1px
Final Work
On Boarding

By clicking on the plus sign, we go straight into onboaring where each screen will guide you to create your new recipient.
Home Screen

The home screen lists events in chronological order unless specified by other filters. The top section will always display the upcoming event.

The bottom navigation has links to the gift center where you can get gift ideas, the yearly budget screen and the calendar view for quick viewing of the events that are happening for each month.
Recipient Profile & Gift Suggestions

Each recipient’s profile will have the ability to add new events related to the person, love languages, the person’s interests, and their gift history.

Gift suggestion button leads to screen to the right most screen below.
Love Language Selection

Ability to add love languages as a way for the app to generate gifts that are meaningful in addition to the person's interests.

Users will be able to create custom notifications for
each recipient.
Gift History

Users can keep track of gifts previously given.
Users can set budget for each recipient and total gift giving budget for the year. Donut chart would be an easy way to visually see how much was spent.
Gift Center

The gift center will have a link to the "Idea center" where people can post creative ways they’ve celebrated others. Users can find gifts based on GIft Center categories.
Language Selection
Ability to select preferred language
Text Adjustment
Ability to enlarge text with the option for low vision which displays bold text.
Color Adjustment
Ability to change color scheme and option for color blind friendly palettes.
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